Top Trumps


Objectives of the game

The classic game of Top Trumps allows you to back your chosen statistics whilst accumulating bigger and bigger winnings as you attempt to clear the deck and win all 30 cards.


Predict which statistic on your card you think will beat the dealer’s card. Each correct prediction increases your WINNINGS with a draw handled as a lose. Starting with 30 cards in the deck, the concept is to try and win the entire deck.

How to play

Enter your starting stake using the + and - buttons and then click on the PLAY button to start the game. Your first card is visible with the 6 choices of statistics you can select from, along with their relevant payouts. Also visible is the card counter which shows how many cards remain in the deck.

Make your selection by clicking on the relevant statistic. The game starts with 30 cards in the deck. Each correct prediction reduces the number of cards remaining in the deck, i.e. your first odds set is based on 1 card out of 29 and the next bet being based on 1 card out of the remaining 27 and so on.

As you move your mouse over a statistic (and its possible payout), the PAYS button displays the monetary value that you will win if your chosen statistic is higher than the hidden card. Once your chosen statistic has been selected, the opponent's card is revealed and the relevant statistics are compared. The highest number wins the hand.


LOSE : If you lose, your WINNINGS are emptied and the game resets to the initial stake entry screen and re-deals all 30 cards.

WIN : Your WINNINGS are increased by the relevant payout next to your chosen statistic. The two visible cards are then removed from the pack and a new card is revealed. You then place a new bet on which your WINNINGS are all placed, i.e. íf you have 13 cards left in the deck, you are predicting that your chosen statistic will beat one of the remaining 13 cards only. This process continues until you decide to COLLECT or you make an incorrect prediction.

DRAW : In the unlikely event that the cards have matching chosen statistics, you lose the bet.


The possible payouts are shown within the game in the WINNINGS field. Press the COLLECT button at any time to end the current game and transfer your WINNINGS to your main account balance.


- Clearing the deck:
If you clear the deck down to the last two remaining cards, they are automatically revealed and you have cleared the deck - congratulations! The deck will reshuffle to the game start position allowing you to continue betting your WINNINGS amount or to press COLLECT to start a new game.

- The deck:
The deck contains 30 cards at the beginning of the game, which is reduced as each card becomes visible. This is displayed by the counter at the top centre of the screen and can also be viewed by clicking on the SHOW DECK icon on the navigation bar below. This handy feature not only shows which cards are remaining in the deck but also allows you to view all the statistics for every player.

- Statistics:
Stats are offered 'as is' and may not represent actual player statistics (last updated: 31.05.2008). All stats used within the game can be viewed by selecting SHOW DECK from the bottom of the game screen.

Last modification date: 3/29/2018