Texas Hedge'em


Texas Hedge’Em is a card game, where the player’s goal is to predict, which hand will win (or tie) according to the rules of Texas Holdem poker. 
The game is played with one deck without Jokers. Players can select the number of hands dealt for playing (three or four).

How to play

1. Press DEAL to start game round.
2. Predict which hand will rank best at end of game. Place chips on this hand by clicking on it. You may bet on any number of hands or not bet on any hands. You may place any number of chips on each of the hands between the MIN and MAX values displayed on the table.  To remove all bets for the current stage, press CANCEL.
3. To start next stage, press DEAL again. There are three game stages: Pre-FLOP, Post-FLOP and TURN. You may bet during all stages, at any number of stages or not bet at all.
The sum of winning amounts from all winning hands is credited to the player’s account after the ending of all stages of game round.
Wins are paid only for hands that rank highest according to stand poker rules at the end of the game if at least one chip has been wagered on it. Wins are paid according to the multiplier coefficients which were active when the bet was made.  Hand that tie for highest rank at the end of the game are also considered as ‘winning hands’.


Activation of ‘SHOW POTENTIAL WINS’ option (in Settings menu) displays the potential pay-out per hand should the hand rank best at the end of the game; this only shows on hands where bets    have been placed.
Activation of ‘DEAL FOUR HANDS’ option (in Settings menu) play games with four hands instead of three hands.
Activation of ‘FAST PLAY’ option (in Settings menu) makes animations faster.
Activation of ‘KEYBOARD CONTROL’ option (in Settings menu) allows the player to play via a keyboard where one is present.

Hand ranks

Standard poker-hand-ranking determines winning hand(s). Combinations are listed below in descending order:
Royal Flush - A K Q J 10 of the same suit
Straight Flush - 5 cards in sequence, all of the same suit
Four of a Kind - 4 cards of equal value
Full House - 3 cards of equal value + 2 cards of equal value
Flush - 5 cards of the same suit
Straight - 5 cards in sequence (different suits)
Three of a Kind - 3 cards of equal value
Two Pair - 2 cards of equal value + 2 cards of equal value
Pair - 2 cards of equal value
High Card - Highest card(s) in set of five
   For hands that have similar rank, the following ‘decider’ rules are applied:
Highest straight wins (Applies to ‘Straight Flush’ and ‘Straight’)
Highest lower-pair wins (Applies to ‘Full House’ and ‘Two Pair’
Highest kicker(s) wins (Applies to ‘Four of a Kind’, Three of a Kind’, ‘Two Pair’, ‘Pair’)

Hand signs

‘‘Can’t lose’’ (the crown). This sign appears on the hand with 100% winning chance. The wagering on this hand is prohibited.
‘‘DEAD’’ label (red cross). This sign appears on the hand, which cannot win. The wagering on this hand is prohibited.
“MAX BET” (the max-odometer) This sign appears near the bet string, when Max Bet value is reached for current stage on this hand (if Show Potential Wins is OFF in Settings). Max Bet sign is          absent in mobile portrait mode, its function is substituted by orange colour of bet string.
“LOCKED BET” (the padlock) This sign appears near the bet string for bets placed in previous rounds.  The potential pay-out (odds taken * bet placed) of locked bets is fixed once the play moves      in to a new round. Locked bets cannot be cancelled.

Keyboard control

You can use the following keys (if Keyboard control is ON in Settings) on the Desktop version
Press ''SPACE'' or ''ENTER'' to deal cards or skip the win animation
Press ''DELETE'' to remove bets of current stage
Press ''Z'' or ''1'' for betting on the hand #1.
Press ''X'' or ''2'' for betting on the hand #2.
Press ''C'' or ''3'' for betting on the hand #3.
Press ''V'' or ''4'' for betting on the hand #4.
Press ''P'' to show/hide Potential Wins display

RTP (Return to Player)

The overall game theoretical RTP is 96.82% 

Connectivity and malfunction

Players cannot be unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged by disconnections or network interruptions. In rare and exceptional circumstances where a game state cannot be restored, such a malfunction voids all pays and play. 

Laatste wijzigingsdatum: 9-9-2019