Placing a bet

To place a bet you, must complete these 4 steps:

  • Add events to the bet slip. To add events, simply tap on the odds value of the market of your choice. Once you have selected your desired picks, access the bet slip via the bwin header by tapping on  or via the confirmation message displayed under the selected odds value.
  • Select your bet type: Single, Multi or System and enter the stake you want to bet (either as “total stake” or “per bet” if you are about to place a system or single bets).
  • Tap “Next” to define the settings for your bet slip, odds options and notification method. You may save them by checking “Do not show this message again during this session”. The message will not be shown again until you log out or kill your session.
  • Tap “Place bet” to submit your bet for processing. Once it is accepted, you will be redirected to the confirmation page.

To confirm your bet has been successfully processed/accepted, please view your “My bets” history (by tapping on ). Your bet should be displayed under the “open” tab.

Detailed information about bet placement and  your bet slip is provided under the bet slip/bet placement section of the help pages.